Server Maintenance 1-31-2020

You are receiving this notice because one of your services is affected by upcoming maintenance. To see this maintenance please go to Please notice.  This notice will only be sent once.  It is your responsibility to stay informed by any status changes that may affect your services. This is planned ... Read More »

31st Jan 2020
Server Migration: Squall transfer to Tidus

Maintenance Scheduled Start Date: 09-30-2018 – 23:59 (EST -5) End Date 10-01-2018 – 04:30 (EST -5) Current Status: Server Transfer is 100% complete... (DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WHILE SERVER TRANSFER IS IN PROGRESS) After several considerations, and trying our best to resolve this severe issue regarding Squall ... Read More »

28th Sept 2018
server performance issues – Squall

Hello, everyone it has come to our attention that we are having major issues with our newest server Squall. We are having issues with our cpu, and having kernel panics almost every 12 hours. We are also having random freezes. We have contacted the data center  to try to resolve this issue. Please stand by for further ... Read More »

10th Sept 2018
Tali Server Reboot

We are now going to be restarting the server tali. This is for security updates and patch updating. This should only take a few minutes. Please stand by...

13th Jun 2018
Emergency Server Transfer. Alec to Tali

Attention Clients! We are experiencing an emergency and have to migrate to a new server. Alec is having some write issues and we are unable to mass back-up accounts as per normal. We are backing up accounts one by one to ensure all your data is safe prior to the migration. Due to disk issues, we have now started the process of migrating to Tali, ... Read More »

6th Nov 2017
New NS3 Server

To all our valued clients,We have recently experienced a slight hiccup with our NS3 server vendor, causing us to reinstall the server. Unfortunately, this will require us to get a new IP address. The new IP address is This will not affect you unless you are using custom NS records. If you are using custom NS records, please set the ... Read More »

6th Oct 2017
Migration To Alec

To all our valued customers:Here at TinkerHost, we have decided to upgrade from Server 1 to Alec in order to serve you better. Alec has twice the amount of resources as Server 1, allowing us to expand for future growth and development of the company. We will also be able to provide better quality of service to our clients by moving from Server 1 ... Read More »

19th Aug 2017
Welcome To Stafford's Enterprises, LLC

What's Going On?,, and has merged with Stafford's Enterprises, LLC!  We are incredibly glad to announce that,, and have merged under the Staffords Enterprises LLC company, in an effort to increase our level of service even ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2017